7 Conversion Tips for Websites: Turn visitors into customers

Posted by Duncan McCall

Congratulations! Your social media and advertising efforts are driving potential customers to your website.

Now what?

Whether your goal is online sales, making contacts, offering quotes or leading customers to your brick-and-mortar location, the purpose of getting people to your business site is to turn visitors into clients.

Is it working? To find your website conversion rate, divide the number of sales driven by your site by the total number of clicks on your site for a given timeframe, then multiply by 100. This is the percentage of clicks you are converting.

A bunch of traffic with no resulting sales is opportunity lost and effort wasted.

How can you raise your percentage and make your website work harder for you?

  • Cut out extra steps between arriving and converting. If you are advertising a special or making an offer, don’t send visitors to your home page. Take them where the action is.
  • OR Make a concrete pitch on the home page. This is the big money real estate. Skip the hello and history and highlight the call to action. Running a special? Run it on the home page.
  • Make it easy. Use simple, direct options and easy-to-find buttons and links: Today's Big Deal, Contact us, View our portfolio, Request a quote. Make them prominent on every page. Don’t make potential clients sift through your site to make that first contact. Most won’t.
  • Track your conversions. Test various pitches, wording and methods and measure the conversion rates to find out what works for you and your business. Refine and retool often.
  • Offer useful content. Offering advice, reviews, how-to guides and other useful information keeps visitors on your site longer, positions you as an expert and forges a relationship between you and a potential customer. Relationships lead to conversions. (Fresh content is also good for SEO.)
  • Use a responsive web design. The number of people shopping from tablets and phones is quickly growing. Be user friendly for mobile shoppers.
  • Use the data you gather to direct your advertising. When you know what people want and who they are, you’ll know what to pitch and what to sell.

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