Are you getting the most from Google?

If your business has a physical storefront, you need to sign up at Google’s Local Business Center. Claiming your business’s listing on Google allows you to update and add to the information Google already has about you. You can specify business categories, upload photos, and even adjust where your business appears on a Google Maps search. Before we made the correction, searching for Duncan McCall on Google Maps showed our location as the entrance to Cordova Square, rather than our specific building.

Google also provides reports on how many viewers see your business listing in a local search result, how many clicked on your listing, what search queries lead to people seeing your listing, and the starting points for driving direction queries.

This service is free. To verify that you are who you say you are, a Google robot will call the business phone number listed and ask you to enter a code they provide.

Yahoo and Microsoft offer similar programs for their search engines.

Providing search engines fine-tuned information about your business is a basic first step towards getting better search ranking results, and it’s easy to do yourself. Complete search engine optimization is a multi-faceted project. If your site is struggling for traffic, give us a call. We’ll take a look and develop a program that will get you noticed.


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