Hurricane Season - Providing information that will help your customers weather the storm.

From June to the end of November, hurricane season is top of mind for residents along the Gulf Coast and across Florida. We keep one eye on the high temps and one eye on the activity in the gulf.

Everyone is on the lookout for information on how to survive, cope and manage in the event of a major storm. And every business in the affected areas can help by lending their expertise to the cause.

Think about how your business is impacted. Whatever problems you are facing, your customers are facing. Think about how you can assist with storm preparation or recovery – even  if you think your business has nothing to do with hurricanes.

  • What if you run a party supply store or work in event planning? What problems do your customers face if a storm threatens during a big event?
  • Food industry? Offer some vetted tips about food safety and prepping for power outages.
  • Kid-focused business? Offer tips on how to help kids cope with anxiety before or during a storm. Or offer ideas for activities to keep them busy when the power is out.

You can offer tips and information through social media and newsletters or by sending out a press release that will let the media know you are an expert willing to speak about your business field should a storm hit the area.

Duncan McCall can help your business define what you can do to provide information to your clients during hurricane season and year round. Give us a call and we’ll help you create a content calendar for your public relations and social media.


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