Media Buying: You Can Do It Yourself, But…

Posted by Mary Nolan, Media Director

After placing a radio buy recently, I received a call from a sales rep asking why her station was not included. While I don't feel the need to defend our decisions, I do always try to keep an open mind and maintain a good relationship with media reps since I am representing our clients. In any case, I shared with her my rationale for the station choices.

This rep was motivated, and soon I received an email from her telling me I was making a mistake by leaving her station out and telling me I must be using some bad information. She sent me the "correct" information.

The information she sent was clearly cherry-picked to put her station in the best light. It was not the most recent numbers. It was the wrong demographic and dayparts. And the qualitative information was interesting, but did not apply to our client. We didn't buy with her station because it didn't perform as well as others for the demographic our client needed to reach.

She was good, though. If you didn't know better, she may have been convincing.

Thankfully, incidents like this are rare. The vast majority of media reps are more accommodating and great to work with. But there is a great deal of information to wade through and judgments to be made in planning an optimal media buy.

That's where we come in. We work on the behalf of our clients to analyze the numbers, plan the best strategy, and negotiate with the media to get the most return for every marketing dollar spent. In the long run, our experience saves you money.


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