Marketing Strategies: New Year Checkup

It’s a new year! Time to take a long, hard look at your marketing, shake out the dust and shake things up. Here are a few places to start:

Website – Has it been more than a year since you took a tour of your own website? Are you letting social media do the heavy lifting when it comes to sharing news and updating your information? Look at your design, content, intuitive features, photos and analytics to ensure that your site is working hard enough for your business.

PR contact list - Reporters move away, beats and titles change, new blogs spring up, event calendars die… Time to go through your media list and see whose email has been bouncing back, who is ignoring you and what critical contacts are missing.

Media plan – Something people see every day becomes invisible. If your media buying is in a comfortable rut – same ads, same venues, same audiences – take the time to reassess changing opportunities in new outlets, new eyeballs and new goals. You are spending the money, so target the right people and get creative.

Social media/blog – Does your business have a blog? Has it been updated in the last six months? Or did it start with a bang in 2009 and quickly fizzle out? Your blog can serve as a great content hub for your social media and PR efforts. Why drive traffic to other sites when you could be sharing your expertise on your own site -- and converting those visits into sales?

Networking – You belong to four organizations and attend the same four meetings every month. Not good enough. Mix it up. Go to an event thrown by the chamber of commerce. Join a sports league. Volunteer with a nonprofit that could benefit from your expertise. Networking is not all lunches, speakers and after-work cocktails. If you want to connect with new people, you have to try new things.

Here’s to a successful and happy 2014!


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