At the Very Least, Know What They’re Saying About You

Some Tips on Reputation Monitoring and Management

Even if your business is not heavy into online marketing, Facebook, or Twitter, people may still be talking about you online.

In years past, to keep up with what was being said about a company, we just needed to monitor the newspaper, TV news and a few other media. Today, an angry blogger or a well-connected Twitter user can do a lot of damage. (I hope you won't have to worry about feedback as well produced as Dave Carroll's United Breaks Guitars, but it's worth watching anyway).

Online reputation management services have sprung up offering to monitor and even remove disparaging comments. The latter can be quite expensive. We also include monitoring as a part of our online marketing efforts. But there's a lot you can do yourself with free or low-cost online tools.

  • Sign up for Google and Yahoo email alerts using your keywords.
  • Monitor This allows you to monitor a single keyword across several different search engine feeds at the same time.
  • To keep up with what's being said about you through Twitter, check out Monitter or TweetBeep. If you have a Twitter account, you can click on the @yourusername link on the home page to see Tweets that include your user name.
  • Use Google Blog Search or BackType Blog Comments Monitoring to monitor blog posts.

What makes negative feedback either blow up in your face or go away is usually the company's response. That's a topic I'll save for future articles, but I will point out that online reputation management is just an evolution of what PR professionals have been doing for years. Let us know if you have any stories to share or if you need help with a public relations plan.


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