The Goal is to Make You More Money

Posted by Michael Duncan

Over the years I’ve heard variations on comments expressing trepidation working with “creative” people. (Some) clients don’t want to hurt our feelings by critiquing our work or our ideas, because they perceive us to be so attached to our creative ideas. While there are people in the business who are that attached to their work, most of us understand our goal is to make you more money. We enjoy the creative aspects of the business, but we’ll create oil paintings or play bagpipes if we need a creative outlet

The confusion comes from two conflicting facts. First, we know that successful advertising is generally something that stands out, is simple, compelling, and focused on one idea. Second, the people paying for the advertising want the most for their money. It’s hard to resist the allure of making the ad do more—promoting secondary products or reaching tertiary audiences. But this usually is a false economy. It makes the message more complex and makes the ad fail at the main objective.

When we’re arguing for the headline to stay short, or the logo not to get bigger, or the complete product feature list of 25 items not to be included, it’s not because we’re so attached to our pretty design, it’s because we want the project to be effective. If it’s effective, you’ll make more money, your business will grow, and you’ll spend more on marketing. And we’ll have more money for bagpipes.


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