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Increasing Traffic to Your Web Site: An Overview

Having a good web site is a cost of doing business today. For many types of business, people simply will not take you seriously if you don’t have one. But, with over 170 million web sites out there, you can’t expect to put up a site and have business just start pouring in. In this article, we present an overview of some of the more important aspects of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. These techniques can increase “organic” traffic to your site. We will go into several of these topics in more depth in upcoming posts, but let's get started...

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Keep in Touch with Regular E-mails

Two recent surveys by Information Strategies, Inc. show that effective e-mail campaigns can increase new business by as much as 20% over the course of a year. And new business from existing clients can be increased by nearly 40%. This, and other similar reports, shows that maintaining constant contacts with potential and existing clients through e-mail is an effective sales tool, even in this economy.

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Want Results? Be Different.

Being different is essential for a successful product or service. A powerful point of differentiation can mean the difference between being a market leader or just one of the crowd. I was reminded of this once again recently when a campaign promoting a key difference led to exceptional results for one of our clients.

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Are you getting the most from Google?

If your business has a physical storefront, you need to sign up at Google’s Local Business Center. Claiming your business’s listing on Google allows you to update and add to the information Google has about you. You can specify business categories, upload photos, and even adjust where your business appears on a Google map search. We'll show you how...

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The Goal is to Make You More Money

Over the years I’ve heard variations on comments expressing trepidation working with “creative” people. (Some) clients don’t want to hurt our feelings by critiquing our work or our ideas, because they perceive us to be so attached to our creative ideas. While there are people in the business who are that attached to their work, most of us understand our goal is to make you more money. We enjoy the creative aspects of the business, but we’ll create oil paintings or play bagpipes if we need a creative outlet...

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At the Very Least, Know What They’re Saying About You

Even if your business is not heavy into online marketing, Facebook, or Twitter, people may still be talking about you online. Here are a few tips and links to free tools to get you started in online reputation monitoring and management.

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Media Buying: You Can Do It Yourself, But…

After placing a radio buy recently, I received a call from a sales rep asking why her station was not included. While I don't feel the need to defend our work, I do always try to maintain a good relationship with media reps since I am representing our clients. In any case, I shared with her my rationale for the station choices.

This rep was motivated and soon I received an email from her telling me I was making a mistake...

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Blue for Creativity

Red and orange make you hungry, or so conventional marketing wisdom says. But a new study says that red also encourages you to pay more attention to detail, while blue makes you more creative.

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