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Advertising professionals talk media jobs with local students

Inspiring the next generation of designers and media professionals! Bryan McCall joined Joe Vinson and Chip Henderson on an electronic media panel at the 2013 Career Academy University in the J. E. Hall center in Pensacola on March 7. About 450 Escambia and Santa Rosa students attended the day-long event.

The panel spoke to about 45 students about the education and training, job qualifications, and the daily life in a multi-media agency. They took questions from the engaged group and gave students advice on how to reach their career goals.


More and More People are Viewing your Website on Mobile Devices. Is Your Site Ready?

Having a website that looks “pretty good for being that small” is no longer good enough. For many sites, a responsive web design is the answer.

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Your business has a Facebook page – Now what?

Free access to a targeted audience—it's a marketing dream come true. But when it comes to Facebook, creating the right content mix to captivate and motivate your fans means going beyond a random barrage of chit-chat and giving them news they can use.

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PR tips from the Newsroom

In an effort to learn what happens on the other side of the PR wire, we asked some of our news professional friends what we could do to better serve them and serve our clients. How can we catch their attention, make their jobs easier and get our information out to the world?

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How to Stop an Internet Marketing Plan From Stalling: 4 Quick Tips

Stop me if this sounds familiar: excited about your new website (or new advisor, software, server, etc.), finally decide that this is going to be the year you get your act together on the Internet. It’s finally time, you tell yourself, to gain those online buyers, earn that search engine position, and watch your profits double or triple… until a few weeks or months have passed by, and you’re roughly back to where you started...

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Rekindling Customer Relationships: Five Ways to Keep the Fire Burning

As another Valentine's Day comes around, newspapers, magazines, and websites are going to be overflowing with articles and advice columns for lovers who are looking for a way to reignite the spark they once felt. But while we can't help you turn up the passion with your special someone—we’ll leave that to the experts—we can give you some good advice on ways to keep your customer relationships from going stale.

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5 Recent Changes in the Way Search Engines Work… and What They Mean to Your Small Business

For a lot of businesses, finding clients over the Internet begins and ends with search engines. By atomizing their sites for particular terms and phrases, they have been able to build up a steady march of new buyers coming to their virtual doorstep 24 hours a day.

But search is changing, and if you aren't changing with it, those buyers might soon be shopping elsewhere.

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Will Your Web Site Survive Google’s Instant Previews?

Google's latest feature on its search result page is a little magnifying glass sitting next to the search results. By hovering over this link, users get to see a thumbnail of a site on the list. Now a potential visitor can make a judgment about your site without even being able to read any text but the headline and maybe larger subheads. In the past, we talked about having three seconds to capture a visitor's interest. That will soon seem like a luxury.

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