Producing an effective marketing video

Video is a great way to engage an audience and share you story and your expertise. But it's more than just picking up a camera. It’s a sound plan to carefully plot your video from initial concept to distribution to make sure you get the most from your efforts.

Have a clear purpose: Selling? Recruiting? Getting to know your company? Identify your goals and your audience before you hit "record."

Have a clear message: With goals and audience in mind, think about how the video will complement and enhance your marketing plan. Make sure your video, like the other components of your plan or campaign, aligns with your core message and purpose.

Have planned channels: The equivalent of eight years of video are uploaded to YouTube every day. So while of course your video should be on YouTube, it’s hardly an endgame. Are you going to use the video on your website? In presentations? Other social media outlets? Identifying these channels, and who uses them, will help guide the tone and content of your video.

Is it one video? Or is it a series? You may want to start with a brand video that is an overview of your company and what you do, then explore how other videos can engage your audience. Like any other branded content, it doesn’t have to be “about us” or a sales pitch. Video testimonials can be a powerful tool, and consider video as good-will-building content:

  • How-to demonstrations
  • Answering FAQ’s with a lively conversational video
  • Behind-the-scenes adventures
  • Documenting special events

Planning your scripting, shooting and editing will come easier – and be less expensive – if you have outlined your strategy.

High-quality videos can be very affordable. With digital cameras, it doesn’t require a large crew to get good footage. If you do some of the legwork yourself, and have that plan in place, you can save a lot of time and money when the shooting starts.

Is your company video going to become a viral Internet sensation? Well, unless your business has something to do with clumsy kittens, tear-jerking drama, or awesome special effects, maybe not. But it is a great way to show people, really show them, who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them.

Duncan McCall can help you define what kind of videos will best serve your organization. Give us a call at 850-476-5035.


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