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Producing an effective marketing video

Video is a great way to engage an audience and share you story and your expertise. But it's more than just picking up a camera. It’s a sound plan to carefully plot your video from initial concept to distribution to make sure you get the most from your efforts.

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Duncan McCall Success Story: Blue Angels Pictorial History Book

You can take a journey through more than 60 years of Blue Angels history with “Blue Angels: A Pictorial History” a book which follows the history of the Blues from their inception just after World War II though modern, thrilling airshows. It includes never-before-published historic photographs, landmark artifacts and insights you’ll only find in the Blue Angels archives. The book was written and designed by the team at Duncan McCall for the National Naval Aviation Museum on NAS Pensacola and quickly became one of the best-selling items in the Museum’s Flight Deck store.

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7 Conversion Tips for Websites: Turn visitors into customers

You have a lot of website visitors, but are they becoming clients and customers? 7 tips to increase website conversions.

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Marketing Strategies: New Year Checkup

It’s a new year! Time to take a look at your Marketing Plan, shake out the dust and shake things up.

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Common small business website mistakes -- and the simple fixes

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) know they need to have a website. However, a recent survey shows that most of them seem to be doing it wrong.

A recent analysis of more than a million SMB websites (700,000 in the US) by SMB DigitalScape, a small business data collection and analysis engine, reveals that the majority of SMB websites lack some very simple basics that are potentially crippling their businesses.

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Hurricane Season - Providing information that will help your customers weather the storm.

Everyone is on the lookout for information on how to survive, cope and manage in the event of a major storm. Every business can help by lending their expertise to the cause, offering advice to customers through social media and public relations efforts.

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Do You Own Your Domain?

We’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating: Own your domain names. If you let your web designer register your domain name, she essentially owns it. She has total control including what website it points to, who administers it, and whether or not it gets renewed.

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Public Relations: The Press Release

The press release has long been the cornerstone of public relations. It's how you get your news out to the media, your business community and your web community. A well-written release can morph to serve a variety of channels and audiences.

There are more news outlets, fewer in-house content writers, more niches, and more accessibility and more resources than ever before. It's a great time to do some public relations campaigning to grow your business. Here are some tips...

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