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Five Reasons Search Engine Optimization Should Be A Key Marketing Tool

The amount of traffic coming from Google, Yahoo, and Bing isn't shrinking, it's growing, and you can't afford to let your business fall behind. Here are five reasons search engine optimization should still be a one of your key marketing tools...

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7 Things You Must Include in Your Online Press Release

Like most pieces of the marketing world, the press release has certainly evolved with the Internet. These days you can create a multimedia masterpiece and distribute it around the globe in moments. And instead of hoping that it’s picked up by a business journal or trade magazine, you can see it spread and multiply on websites, blogs, Twitter, and beyond. To help you generate the buzz you need, here are seven things you need to include in your online press release...

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4 Ways to Save Money on Your Pay Per Click Campaign… Without Losing Profits

If we could find a way to measure such a thing, I'd venture an estimate that it takes somewhere around ten minutes for the average business owner or online marketer to find out that pay-per-click advertising can be a lot of fun... and about five minutes more to discover that it can be really expensive.

And therein lies the problem: one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to bring visitors and shoppers to your website also carries a potentially heavy price tag. With the current bids for some keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing running five and ten times what they did a few years ago, how can savvy marketers make any money?

The answer, as always, isn't in spending more, but spending better. Here are four sure-fire ways to cut your PPC costs without messing up the bottom line:

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Web Design Checklist

A successful web site is as much about the details as it is about the big idea. Many small factors contribute to a site's effectiveness or lack thereof. To help you get started thinking about it, we’ve put together a checklist of factors to keep in mind. Details will vary from site to site, but this general list will apply to most small business web sites.

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Direct Mail—A Novel Marketing Tool?

Last week I received a very nice marketing piece in the mail promoting Yahoo’s online advertising services that got me thinking about this. Direct mail has been grouped into the list of media that will be going away because of everything online. While the death of all traditional media has been greatly exaggerated, direct mail is definitely doing well. There are good reasons why one of the world’s largest online advertising providers is using direct mail in their business development strategy.

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Top 10 Media and Marketing Books posted their pick for the top 10 media and marketing books of all time. This is a good reading list for anyone involved in marketing. My all-time favorite marketing book is "Hey, Whipple. Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Advertising" by Luke Sullivan, number five on the list. See the list...

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8% of Internet Users Account for 85% of all Clicks

The results of an update to research conducted by comScore, Starcom USA and Tacoda, indicate that the 8% of internet users account for 85% of all display ad clicks, and only about 16% of users click on an ad at least once a month. Linda Anderson, author of the study, concludes that "...marketers who attempt to optimize their advertising campaigns solely around the click are assigning no value to the 84% of Internet users who don't click on an ad..."

However, their research has also shown that online display ads generate significant lift in other ways.

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Traditional Media is Not Dead

Much has been written lately about the imminent demise of traditional media-newspaper, TV, and radio. While it's true these industries are suffering, I'm not ready to recommend that all of our clients' marketing budgets be shifted to Facebook campaigns just yet. The business of marketing is changing fast, but right now, in the trenches, there is still no better way to consistently reach large numbers of potential customers than advertising in traditional media, particularly for local advertisers.

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