What we do

Put simply, we create effective marketing and communication programs that earn you more than you spend.


We craft an image and message that appeals to the people most likely to need your product or service. We find those people by choosing the appropriate media, presenting your credentials in a manner that holds their interest, and in doing so, we persuade them that your service or product is better than your competitors. Finally, we track the results and adjust messages and media as necessary.


Marketing planning

The Duncan McCall team has considerable experience in a wide range of marketing disciplines. By taking a holistic approach to your marketing plan, we make sure each piece of your strategy supports the others, optimizing marketing efforts across the board and magnifying your results. We build plans from the ground up based on research and analysis so your campaigns are targeted, effective and efficient. Our planning and strategy result in solid programs and campaigns that make money for our clients.

Media planning and budgeting

Disciplined media planning will ensure you are putting your advertising message in front of the right audience, using media where you are more likely to reach your customers, and advertising at the times when they are most likely to respond. You’ll spend less money reaching the right people for a greater ROI. Our broad client base and large buying power mean we can negotiate lower media rates for print, broadcast, and online advertising.

Brand and Identity Development

You are more than just your logo. Your brand is about how your visual identity, what you say, and what you do work together to form an impression in the minds of different audiences. A logo is just the foundation of a complete corporate identity that might include graphic usage standards, a stationery package, signage, or a complete trade dress. Our brand development process helps guide the development of a complete brand package, including logo, tag lines, a positioning statement, key messages, talking points, and more.

Creative Services

We have walls full of awards for our creative work, but what's even better is that our ads make money for our clients. Our creative services include print advertising, TV, radio, outdoor, brochures, corporate identity, photography, web/online design, email marketing, and more. We are committed to the principle that everything that goes out our door meet our stringent standards for good thinking as well as production quality. All killer, no filler. We live for the opportunity to do great creative, but we know that for creative to be great, it has to make our clients money, not just win awards.

Public Relations and Publicity

PR isn't just press releases; it's building relationships with your clients and potential clients. We’ll keep you up to date on your press releases, press kits, newsletters and all the things you’re used to thinking of as PR, but we’ll also develop a public relations program that shares your story and your knowledge with targeted audiences, building relationships with the media and the public while growing your business.  We analyze your PR opportunities and make them meaningful and profitable.


We’ve been growing businesses online since 1996

We knew the web was not a passing fad even when we had to dial in. We committed early on to building the skills and capabilities to be competitive, and we never looked back. Today, we provide comprehensive web design and development solutions including leading-edge web development and strategic online marketing such as Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click strategies. We can also create custom, feature-rich websites that will help you maximize your online potential.

Web Development

We have the background in design and marketing to make the web site appealing, easy to use, and to give you the maximum return. Many web design firms focus on programming and do not have the depth to create an effective graphic design, message, headlines, copy, and strategy to get the most from your online presence. We do. But we also have invested in the technical capabilities to build leading edge sites, whether responsive, mobile, CMS based, or app driven. View our portfolio of web designs ».

Online Marketing

A great website will do nothing for you unless people find it. We can help with online strategies to increase traffic such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click advertising such as Google AdWords, email marketing, and other tools.

Social Media

Social media is the most immediate, hands-on part of your marketing plan. We’ll help you develop a social media plan and learn how to use social media to build your business. More than just posting sales and links, it’s a great way to learn about your client base and form a meaningful, engaging relationship with your customers and potential customers. Whether you want to take the reins or have us manage your social media, we can develop a plan that works with your comfort level and resources.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not about stuffing your website with broad-reaching keywords and hoping to get to the top of a search page. SEO is about driving meaningful traffic that converts to sales by helping customers find the information they need to make an informed decision—the decision to call you, the expert, to solve their problems and fulfill their needs. SEO takes research, execution and analysis. Well-written, fresh content. Key words that drive traffic according to targeted interests. SEO from the ground up—not as an afterthought. That’s what we do. With time you can be a serious search contender with an audience that is looking for your goods and services and is ready to buy.



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