Duncan McCall

Connected TV: Digital Advertising Meets TV

Over half the population now owns at least one connected television, and according to eMarketer trends, that number will increase to 60% by 2022.


So, what is connected TV and why should you care?

Connected TV is any device designed to connect to the Internet and stream content. This includes all the Smart-TVs, game consoles, Blu-ray players, Roku, tablets, phones, desktops, and more that provide users easy access to their favorite content.

As much as viewers love all these new ways to watch, connected TV offers advertisers several equally desirable benefits.

Advertising through connected TV doesn't require a huge financial commitment, making the platform accessible to budgets of all sizes.

Refined Targeting
You can reach more engaged viewers through targeting options that use first-party data. This ability to clearly define your audience provides better campaign efficiency and reduces the number of irrelevant impressions.

Improved Ad Quality
Connected TV lets you experiment with different ad formats, including animation, static images, interactive videos, call to action, and others to determine what best drives engagement and increases conversions.

Real-time Data
One of connected TV's most significant benefits is real-time access to information. Unlike traditional television, connected TV advertisers can evaluate metrics as they happen and make adjustments that align with campaign goals.

Connected TV provides an efficient way to put your message in front of a relevant audience. Consider using this platform on its own, or to extend the impact of your digital campaign.


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