Duncan McCall


Pensacola Lighthouse and Maritime Museum

Built in 1859, this central piece of Pensacola history gives visitors some of the grandest views in the area. When the Lighthouse leadership came to us to update their website, we knew these views needed to be showcased in a big piece of video right up front. In the end, this project became a balance of sharing the historic site’s beauty while at the same time, giving web users the information needed to make their Lighthouse visit smooth. Michael’s photos made the sharing beauty part easy to do.


With the Pensacola Lighthouse including more maritime history and exhibits, their branding needed to reflect that. We were tasked with reflecting that change and at the same time modernizing a decades-old logo. The final design keeps the Lighthouse in the "hero" position – recognizing its significance in Pensacola's maritime story – but also gives a solid nod to the importance of telling that story.