Duncan McCall


Visit Pensacola

Since 2014 Duncan McCall has worked as part of Showcase Pensacola, a team of local agencies that represent Pensacola’s tourism industry. As a member of this group, we research, plan and implement various marketing projects for Visit Pensacola – from art installations to web designs.



Websites and Digital Advertising

Standard display ads, social media ads, native content – all these highly targeted digital tactics provide effective ways to reach travelers across the country. These ads may be the first point of awareness or a reminder of a previous trip. The goal is generating awareness and a next step interaction, like a visit to a website. To that end, it’s critical that the sites be as engaging as possible. Whether it’s visitpensacola.com or landing pages for specific campaigns, we work to share experiences in a way that helps travelers imagine their adventures while empowering them to easily discover more about the Pensacola Bay Area.


Promotional Projects

With an assignment as far-reaching as regional tourism, the scope of work can be broad. Most recently we handled Visit Pensacola's holiday card – which took the form of an eight-foot "cube” art installation. Each of the four sides featured original Duncan McCall art showcasing aspects of the Pensacola area.